Calls for support senior housing in Sherman

To the Editor:

On Sept. 28, 2012, the Sherman Board of Selectmen voted in favor of the Sherman Housing Commission's proposal to place before the town a request for an allocation of not greater than $20,000 to conduct a survey, title search and deep soil testing of the property on Route 37 known as the Murphy tract or Colonial Field.

An A-2 survey would determine if it were to be feasible to construct affordable senior housing on a 10-acre or less portion of this property while, at the same time, protecting the open space, athletic fields and hiking trails we enjoy.

A proper survey of the approximately 67 acres of the property has never been conducted and is undoubtedly warranted and desirable. As a community we should support this project.

Over the past several years, this commission has witnessed the departure of many older residents, some of whom have lived here for many decades, if not their entire lives. These folks were your neighbors and mine.

Over the years, they have been the lifeblood of the myriad volunteer and service organizations that make Sherman the wonderfully unique community we all cherish. They are a vital component of our social fabric.

Now, often due to their inability to maintain their longtime homes, many have been forced to move to communities that provide an affordable alternative.

Of those to whom we have spoken, all express deep regret that they have had no choice but to leave the community they love; a community where a lifetime of friends and memories must be left behind.

Most towns in our area resolved to remedy this fate years ago by providing an affordable alternative.

The hallmark of a compassionate and humane society is its willingness to provide for the very youngest, most vulnerable, and oldest members of their communities. Sherman has done an admirable job of providing for our youth.

Now is the time to make the same commitment to our seniors. On Oct. 19, please honor that commitment by attending a town meeting at 7 p.m. in the Sherman School cafeteria.

While this vote is only the first step in what will be a long process toward that end, it is an important and symbolic one.

This is an opportune time to begin the process of serving our seniors while obtaining detailed information on land that the town owns, enjoys, and maintains.

Peter Cohen

Jeanette Perlman


Commission on Aging