Calls for support of Democrats

To the Editor:

At our recent meeting, the Sherman Democratic Town Committee voted unanimously to endorse Elizabeth Esty in the 5th Congressional District.

Mrs. Esty was endorsed early on by Emily's List, a national organization dedicated to electing strong pro-choice women to Congress.

She will be a consistent voice supporting women's right to control their bodies and health care choices.

She is a passionate advocate for working families and will staunchly protect Social Security and Medicare.

She has a proven record of building responsible and fair municipal budgets.

She will vote to protect our environment and the ecosystems that sustain us.

She believes in strong, effective and accountable public schools and will work to make a good education a reality for all of our children.

Her opponent, State Sen. Andrew Roraback, claims to be a moderate but there is nothing moderate about the Republican Party platform.

It is extreme in its narrow and pinched vision of a winner-take-all America. He will vote with John Boehner to gut Medicare and turn Social Security over to the tender mercies of Wall Street.

He will go along with the radical agenda of more trickle-down economics and deregulation of finance, pharma and fossil fuels. He will join the assault on women's access to health care choices and workplace fairness.

Republicans believe if you didn't choose your parents or genetics wisely: too bad. You are on your own. Their Social Darwinist view is "that we are all in this alone."

Democrats disagree. We know we are, in fact, all in this together. The great strength of America is in our national unity.

We have always done best when working together for shared goals and aspirations.

We created the national parks system

The Greatest Generation was American.

We built the Eisenhower interstate highways.

We went to the moon.

We are on Mars with the aptly named Curiosity rover.

We invented the Internet.

Every generation has expanded the concept and reach of citizenship. We have the largest, best educated middle class (however threatened) the world has known.

We can and will build on these American successes.

Join us in voting for forward-looking national and local policies.

Vote to re-elect President Obama, elect Chris Murphy as our next senator, elect Elizabeth Esty to represent us in Congress and elect Jason Bartlett as our new state senator.

They will defend the progress we have made and expand the rights and blessings of liberty we own as Americans.

Joseph Keneally


Sherman Democratic

Town Committee