To the Editor:

The residents of the Town of Washington are very fortunate to have two dedicated public servants who represent us in the General Assembly in Hartford.

Both are very knowledgeable on the issues facing our state and they both communicate back to the citizens in regards to what is going on in our state.

State Senator Eric Berthel who represents the 10 towns in the 32nd Senate District hit the ground running after being elected in a special election in February of 2017.

Senator Berthel is always keeping us updated on what legislation is being introduced and he is always reachable when you need to speak with him on a bill or an issue.

I support the re-election of Senator Berthel and encourage all voters in the 32nd to get the facts and support his re-election.

We are also lucky in the 69th District, which includes Washington, Roxbury, Bridgewater and a good portion of Southbury, to have State Representative Arthur O’Neill as another strong voice in the legislature.

Rep. O’Neill has experience having served since he was elected in a special election in 1988.

He is dedicated to public service and is very knowledgeable on the issues facing not only the district, but our state as well.

I support Rep. O’Neill and he deserves to continue serving our district and our state, and I encourage all voters to support him on Nov. 6.

The future of our towns and the state of Connecticut are in our hands.

I hope you will join me in re-electing Senator Eric Berthel and Rep. Arthur O’Neill to Hartford Nov. 6.

Roderick M. Wyant III