(Editor’s note: This letter was submitted to Mark Buckley, deputy chief at New Milford Police Department, New Milford Mayor David Gronbach and Town Council members.)

Leaders of New Milford:

Having been residents of New Milford for four years, it has become evident through observation that vehicle operators in the New Milford jurisdiction are disobeying the Connecticut vehicle and traffic law of coming to a complete stop at a clearly posted stop sign.

For the past year, it has become increasingly alarming at the following locations: stop signs at Big Y exiting onto Peagler Hill Road, the stop sign at the intersection of Peagler Hill Road and Fort Hill Road, stop signs exiting Staples and Arby’s onto Sunny Valley Road, the stop sign at the intersection of Young’s Field Road and Route 67/Bridge Street, the three-way stop at the intersection of Fort Hill Road and Sunny Valley Road, and the stop sign at the intersection of Railroad Street, Wellsville Avenue and Bennitt Street.

While operating my vehicle, I have personally observed other drivers completely disregarding the stop sign rule, being unsafe and also discourteous.

I am requesting that enforcement of the stopping law be conducted at the aforementioned locations and that New Milford police officers are made cognizant of this concerning situation on our roadways.

I write this letter in order to help the NMPD prevent any potentially serious injury accidents, or worse, any fatalities.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where everyone is rushing off to.

People pulling onto Route 7 from any gas station or business seem like they want to play chicken, even though they do not have the right of way. It is sheer madness and so mind boggling.

This letter has been brewing in my mind for about a year now.

I felt absolutely compelled to finally sit down and write because on March 18, a Connecticut State Trooper did not make any stop whatsoever and made a dangerous left turn in front of me when I had the right of way proceeding up Peagler Hill, and at the time of this writing, on March 20, a New Milford police officer pulled out in front of me (I had my wife in the car) without stopping as I drove south on Route 202.

Both police vehicles did not have their overhead lights on indicating they were proceeding to an emergency call.

The experience of a double standard as evidenced by the action of these two safety officers is highly disconcerting to me.

Finally, and most importantly, please consider the safety of pedestrians, some of which may be children, throughout the town of New Milford.

I appreciate your immediate assistance attending this matter.

Roll Tomasi

New Milford