To the Editor:

Mayor Dave Gronbach has proved himself an able steward of the town’s finances.

That’s why it’s extremely important for anyone who wants to keep New Milford going forward to come out Tuesday, May 16 and support the town and school budgets.

Last year, the mayor and Town Council brought in a budget with virtually no tax increase.

This year, due to state cutbacks and a surge in health insurance and other fixed costs, the increase is under 2 percent. To meet that figure, the town will be forced to make painful cutbacks in an already spare budget.

Over two years, that’s a tax rise of under 1 percent a year.

The mayor has worked hard to keep costs down. Recently, the town saved $223,000 in insurance costs.

He also saved tens of thousands of dollars with a new tree contract last year.

As a member of the town’s Economic Development Commission, I can see the progress being made in building our tax base.

The town is on the cusp of selling the Still Meadow property, which has sat vacant for years, for more than $2 million, to someone who will develop it and return it to the tax rolls.

To keep New Milford moving forward, vote “yes” on the town and school budgets on Tuesday.

Andy Grossman

New Milford