To the Editor:

The proposed Region 12 budget forecasts an education cost of $30,000 per student — the highest cost per pupil in Connecticut. Let us identify a few areas that should result in budget reductions.

Is it necessary to have both a middle school principal ($149,085 salary) for 157 students, plus a high school principal ($168,549) for 238 students?

Each principal has a secretary with a salary of $50,000.

In addition, the business office (total salaries of $291,559) has three clerical people and a full-time business manager.

The guidance office, with salaries totaling $354,264, consists of two certified educators and a clerk providing assistance for only 400 students.

This level of administrative overhead does not seem appropriate for our small school district.

In addition, we were sold on removing block scheduling to facilitate sharing of teaching staff between middle school and high school.

There has been no reduction in administrators for decades.

Five years ago, the clerical staff was forecast at 17.5, it is now expected to be 16.9.

In the past Region 12 has had difficulty distinguishing between wants and needs.

On May 7, a “no” vote gives the superintendent an opportunity to formulate a new budget by pruning overdue administrative overhead.

Ed Wainwright