To the Editor:

Will the Region 12 Board of Education ever understand its proper duty to the students?

The proposed budget by Region 12 is a clear indication that the Board of Education is still giving emphasis to increasing the six-figure salaries of the administrators and is still not making quality education an important priority.

Vote “no” when the budget is formally proposed to the public.

The annual decline of student enrollment in Region 12 is caused by a number of factors.

Some factors are beyond the reach of the Board but providing a quality education is a possible remedy for declining enrollment and is essential for our students who will be competing with well-educated adults 10 or 15 years from now.

Our Board of Education does not make quality education a priority and never has. That has got to change for the benefit of our students and for the strength of the schools.

Many of the approximate 250 students who drop out of Region 12 schools and enter private schools are seeking a better education.

Recently within Region 12 the Burnham School solved an enrollment problem by offering quality education at the primary level. Students from New Milford and Brookfield were attracted and voluntarily entered the Burnham School program and solved the enrollment problem for the school.

Making quality education a priority pays off. Will our Board ever learn?

Vote “no.”

Loy Wilkinson