To the Editor:

I have been attending the town of Sherman's Board of Selectmen meetings regularly.

The agendas for each month seem oddly familiar. It appears most items brought up for discussion are rarely finalized or completed.

The most disturbing among many concerns are the computer problems that have been encountered, including unauthorized dissemination of emails and the destruction of electronic data.

Discussion of electronic security has been on going since August of 2012.

At this month's meeting, a draft of a computer policy was to be offered by the first selectman, but again this has been postponed.

In December, Selectman Andrea O'Connor strongly suggested that, in lieu of a local policy, the state policy for electronic document retention be followed.

This includes having employees of town hall be made aware of these policies and signing a statement affirming their understanding.

If stronger measures were to be in order, they could be implemented as they are approved. However, having no policy is unacceptable.

The first selectman must implement a policy regarding computer use and security immediately if the town is to avoid possible litigation.

Six months is far too long to delay such an important responsibility.

Chris McDermott