Calls for Heacock Crossbrook Road repairs

To the Editor:

While this letter is geared for residents in New Milford, it is also for members of the New Milford Town Council and the Public Works director.

This letter is also an appeal to all of the residents of approximately 85 houses on, and directly connected to, what amounts to a congested Heacock Crossbrook Road.

If one figures two cars to most families, plus school buses, one can assume daily heavy use of the road.

On top of which one can consider those using this same road as a shortcut from Second Hill (through Heacock Crossbrook) to Park Lane East leading to Route 202, and back; and Old Park Lane leading to Route 109, and back.

As all of you drivers are aware — especially Heacock Crossbrook residents — the road is an abomination of noise, dents, cracks, bumps and serious potholes that are taking a toll on your automobiles and possibly your personal safety, since drivers often drive on the wrong side to avoid the physical jarring to themselves and damage to their vehicles. Heacock Crossbrook Road has not been paved since we moved to Brook View Lane, which feeds off Heacock, 27 years ago.

According to the Public Works Department and Town Council records, Heacock is not slated to be re-paved until 2021.

Park Lane East, which we are guessing has fewer houses than Heacock, was just recently paved to its brand- new condition. The same for Park Lane West with even fewer houses, on the other side of Route 202.

A good question is, why?

We are asking all concerned to make your voices be heard about the terrible neglect of this road by writing letters to the editor at The Spectrum, and by contacting the Public Works Director Michael Zarba at 860-355-6040.

We should not have to wait another two years.

Spring thaw will be coming with worse upheavals of asphalt chunks and spewing gravel, increasing personal hazard and damage your vehicles.

Lorraine and Martin Ryan

New Milford