To the Editor:

It is our misfortune the Sandy Hook killings became the centerpiece and excuse for legislation which is both illogical and harmful.

There is no way it could have been stopped, or will in the future, because it doesn't address the source of the problem.

It is merely a political ruse to control and penalize responsible gun owners, confiscate more money from them, rather than deal with criminals, sick and unbalanced people who will do whatever it takes to get guns.

What about the recent knife slashing at a Texas university? Fourteen people were injured. Shall we register and ban knives, too?

Like prohibition, the criminals, the unbalanced, will always obtain guns, knives, clubs, etc. to pursue their aims.

The result of this legislation is not only to infringe on the Constitution's 2nd Amendment rights of legal gun owners, the dealers and the manufacturers, but to shut down those businesses and the jobs they provide, which are significant.

Taxes will be lost and the people will have to come up with more money in taxes to fill the gap.

I applaud Clark Chapin and Cecilia Buck-Taylor for their cool heads and their integrity.

Emotion is the wrong basis to enact laws, instead of dealing with the underlying issues and the consequences to the public.

Our representatives, Democratic or Republican, should be deeply ashamed of themselves, because they know what they are doing.

But it serves them to cave to the hysteria of the moment.

The only solution to such acts of violence is to have trained and armed personnel at schools, universities, etc. and finally deal with the mentally disturbed in a significant way.

Naomi Kane

New Milford