To the Editor:

After attending the Nov. 18 Region 12 school board meeting, I realized that dysfunction and partisanship is rampant in Washington -- whether that is Washington, D.C., or Washington, Conn.

When are we going to get a school board that is interested in the will of the people and not in the interest of the board's partisan majority?

What do we need to find a harmonious end to this continuous bickering over a decision that was made years ago and upheld by the state Supreme Court?

Do we really need to spend another $150K, voted at the Nov. 18 meeting, so a group of lobbyists can be hired to pursuade Bridgewater to cave in to the interest of the bully Washington and kill our Burnham School.

I hope the school board has some lawyers on it who can help the others understand the lawsuit that would be coming for misappropriation of public funds should they spend that money.

This board is finding out how easy it is to spend money that isn't in its pockets.

Joe Buchheit