To the Editor:

I feel former Sherman tax collector Pat Werme's recent actions show her allegiance to party over town.

After resigning early in the campaign season, she has endorsed her former assistant over the dynamic candidate for the position of tax collector, Kate McConaghy, stating McConaghy is not qualified because she has not yet embarked on CCMC certification training.

At this time, these classes are full and there is a wait list. This begs certain questions.

For example, Ms. Werme herself became our tax collector before taking any CCMC classes -- why the different standard for Ms. McConaghy?

The former assistant, Tabitha Fazzone, worked for Ms. Werme for 3½ years without completing her own certification.

Why didn't Ms. Werme encourage her to do so?

Finally, and perhaps most important, a tax collector has to deal effectively, one-on-one with the public, yet we have yet to hear from Ms. Fazzone directly during this campaign.

She has only been represented by others of her party, who are promoting her candidacy. Why has she not made her positions clear?

I have heard from Kate McConaghy and I like what I hear.

Let's hear what Ms. Fazzone has to say, in her own words, about her platform and ideas for the tax office in Sherman.

Only then can the public decide.

Henry J. VonAncken