To the Editor:

I'm writing to persuade my fellow New Milford residents to vote for Andy Grossman for state representative.

For at least 10 years now, New Milford has been dominated by one political party. It's never a good idea to have one party or one group of people in charge for that long.

Andy would bring a new voice and a new energy to our town. And as a Democrat working with the Democrat-majority state legislature, he would have a much better chance of getting state funds for New Milford projects.

Andy is a member of New Milford's Economic Development Commission, and he's been working with the other members, who are mostly Republicans, to bring new business to our town and keep the businesses that are here satisfied and successful.

I believe that shows he is able to work with others, regardless of party affiliations, for a better New Milford.

Patricia Polk

New Milford