To the Editor:

The very idea that a small cabal of well-meaning but misguided individuals from the Washington Business Association, the ad hoc Economic Development Committee and Washington's Board of Selectmen, would turn over Washington Depot, in the height of the fall season, to hordes of fans of a defunct TV series about a fictional Connecticut town and its residents, is simply outrageous.

And to add insult to injury, many of the local shopkeepers, who don't even live in Washington, were so quick to sell out the town, and their regular customers, for what they perceived as a fast buck.

It’s truly disheartening and shameful for this small cabal to have hoisted this “Woodstock” sized event, in secret, upon our tiny New England town, which has always prided itself on openness and consensus.

Let’s try to learn from this, as we are all on the same team: “Team Washington!”

Joseph A. Mustich