To The Editor:

For the first time in New Milford history, voters are extremely fortunate that two of our own residents are running for public office in the state legislature.

And they are extremely competent and time-tested.

Clark Chapin and Cecilia Buck-Taylor will be the greatest one-two punch New Milford residents have ever seen.

It is a testament to their great skills that both Clark and Cecilia came from modest means to become exceptional leaders and strong advocates for the people.

Their respective resumes are strong and their list of accomplishments long.

Clark has served us admirably for 12 years as our state representative and, before that, he served New Milford in various positions, the last of which was the Town Council.

Cecilia has also served on many local boards and commissions and is presently doing a great job as a distinguished member of the Town Council.

Neither would be a pushover for the Hartford Democratic machine that has reduced Connecticut from being competitive in the arena of job creation to being one of the most expensive states for our citizens to live in, both young and old.

They know if Connecticut doesn't lower its taxes and create a better job base for its citizens, many people will be forced to move.

When combined with their exceptional personal talents, both Clark's and Cecilia's legislative experience would allow them to lose no time getting up to speed in Hartford while their opponents would still have been entering the word "Hartford" in their GPS.

The combination of Clark Chapin and Cecilia Buck-Taylor is the right one for us right now and I enthusiastically endorse Clark for the 30th Senatorial District and Cecilia for state representative for the 67th District.

Together, they will continue to fight for New Milford's share of state aid for both local government and schools.

They know we cannot afford to allow New Milford to take a back seat to the pressures of larger cities like Hartford and Bridgeport where most of our tax dollars are being absorbed.

Tom Pilla

New Milford