To the Editor:

The Friends of Donna Casey would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to make "A Taste of Kent" a spectacular success.

We want to thank more than 30 local businesses who generously donated items for the silent auction (even some businesses who weren't asked sent items), the band, Hummingbird, for donating its time and talent, the Kent Greenhouse and the Gift Horse for the decorations; and all the volunteers who helped, almost more than we needed -- although you really can't have too many.

Under the direction of Cyndy Osborne, this amazing group of people created a perfect evening.

It was an evening made even more perfect and truly "A Taste of Kent" because every restaurant in town donated food.

Not one turned us down when they were asked to make enough food to feed 200 people.

They not only donated the food but many of them provided us with hot storage, serving utensils and anything else we needed.

It would take most of this newspaper to list everyone who volunteered and all the businesses who donated, but we do want to thank the restaurants who made this evening possible.

So here is a special thank you to Bull's Bridge Inn, Wasabi, Doc's, Panini's, Annie Banannie at Back Country Outfitters, the Villager, the Kent Pizza Garden, Davis IGA, Shanghi and the Fife'n Drum.

Add to that list Marble Valley Farm for its donation of vegetables and Kent School for the brownies.

Lorry Potter of Roasting Kings in Warren deserves an extra thank you. Not only did she and the Villager Restaurant provide and cook an entire pig roast for 200 people for the celebration of Donna's life, but for "A Taste of Kent," Lorry donated an entree for 200 as well as those wonderful little tarts everyone raved about.

Thank you to everyone who came to share in "A Taste of Kent" and whose presence made this evening a magical moment for all of us, and especially for Raven.

Also, thank you to everyone who has donated to the Raven Casey Fund.

We, the Friends of Donna Casey, offer our sincere thank you to this wonderful community and ask you to please shop local.

It is Kent's small businesses that pay taxes, provide employment and who give back so much to our town.

It is Kent's shops and restaurants who are always willing to give when they are asked, who make events like "A Taste of Kent" possible and who deserve our patronage.

Karen Chase

JoAnne Pappano


The Friends

of Donna Casey