Steep Rock Association will present a beekeeping program, “The Buzz of Beekeeping,” July 8 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Experienced beekeeper Max Cudney and Steep Rock Association’s Program Leader Rory Larson will lead the program at SRA’s main Macricostas Preserve parking lot at 124 Christian St. in New Preston.

The discover and observation will cover honeybee ecology and behavior, preferred resources, types of hives, management techniques, equipment, and pest prevention.

The leaders will open a hive or two to observe combs as well as the different sexes and castes of bees.

The program is suitable for children and adults.

Participants should wear boots and long-sleeved clothing.

Those wishing to get up close and personal should bring a veil and gloves.

For more information and registration, visit or call 860-868-9131.