Bus routes set for Faith Academy and Western Connecticut Magnet School


[Editor's Note: In the afternoon, Faith Academy students are transported to Hill and Plain School for the south end of town and to Sarah Noble Intermediate School for the north and west sides of town.]

Mini 47 inbound: 6:40 Depart Bus Yard; left Pickett District; right Route 7; right Bridge St; Left Route 202; right Park La East,; 6:45 Park La East @ Bradbury; T/A, right Route 202; right Route 109 (Chestnutland Rd); 6:50 8 Chestnutland; Right Littlefield; right Essex; right Stonecastle; straight into Stephanie,; 6:55 18 Stephanie; Left on Old Parkwood; right Upper Reservoir; left Second Hill; to Mine Hill,; Left Beardsley; T/A, ; 7:05 Beardsley @ Serena La; Right Mine Hill; left Old Ridge; straight onto Taylor; Right Dorwin; right Route 67; right Reynolds Farm, ; 7:10 32 Reynolds Farm; right Haldine; 7:15 Haldine @ Allison; T/A, back down Reynolds Farm; right Route 67; left Grove St; left Pumpkin Hill; 7:20 Pumpkin Hill @ Elizabeth La; Right Old Pumpkin Hill; right Erikson, ; 7:25 37 Erikson Road; Left Pumpkin Hill; left Grove St; straight onto Still River; left Route 7, ; Right Faith Christian Academy; 7:35 FCA.

Bus 63 inbound: 6:40 Depart Bus Yard; Left Pickett District; right Route 7 North to Gaylordsville,; Right Riverview,; 7:00 Riverview @ Station @ Old Stagecoach; Cross tracks onto Browns Forge; left South Kent Rd; right Riverview; left Rte 7,; Right Sullivan; right Old Town Park,; 7:25 77 Old Town Park; Left Carlson Road; 7:30 10 Carlson Rd; Right Sullivan; right Candlewood Lake Rd S; right Route 7; Right FCA for 7:40.


Bus 61 inbound: 7:30 Depart Bus Yard; 7:45 Depart JPS; 7:55 Depart HPS; 8:10 Arrive Brookfield Town Hall; 8:20 Depart Brookfield Town Hall; 8:40 Arrive Danbury Magnet School; ; Bus 61 outbound:; 2:45 Depart Bus Yard; 3:35 Depart Danbury Magnet; proceed back to Brookfield/New Milford via Route 84 to Route 7; 3:55 Arrive Brookfield Town Hall; 4:10 Arrive HPS; 4:20 Arrive JPS; Proceed back to Bus Yard for 4:25.