There's a new T-shirt design for this year's Bridgewater Country Fair, set for Aug. 15 to 17.

The design was part of a contest, a joint collaboration between the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department and Burnham School.

This year's shirt will showcase the winning drawing by fifth-grader Everett Herrington.

The finalists were Owen Maynard (kindergarten), Hailey Kelly (first grade), Aidia Peterson (second grade), Meredith Southard (third grade), Evan Woerner (fourth grade) and Everett Herrington (fifth grade), all of whom will have a chance to ride the antique fire truck Aug. 15 during the fair's parade.

T-shirts will be sold at the women's auxiliary's tent throughout the fair.

The contest came about last year after resident Brigid Buchheit Carney realized she didn't have a T-shirt from the fair for the first time in 20 years.

The women's auxiliary had their hands full

with the bingo tent and the cake wheel, and there wasn't enough time and resources to have T-shirts made.

Carney asked Ann Frattalone, the firefighters' auxiliary president, what could be done.

Her answer was to solicit children from Burnham School to draw a winning design for this year's fair.

Carney contacted Cathy Colella, the school's principal, who was immediately on board.

Children were asked to draw something from the fair that means something to them.

Over the course of the next month, art teacher Jane Manley helped the children design the T-shirts.

The women's auxiliary and select firemen voted on the designs.

"The Burnham School community was thrilled to participate in the T-shirt contest, and we are proud of the results," Colella said.

"The fair is such a huge event for the town and the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department. We look forward to seeing so many folks wearing Everett's designed T-shirt and hope that our participation can be a yearly effort."