To the Editor:

I write in support to re-elect Bill Buckbee as our state representative here in New Milford.

I met Bill a few years back in Harrybrooke Park while working on the Haunted Trail. His dedication to the success of the park struck me immediately. His work ethic is strong and his energy is contagious.

What struck me more was seeing how he translated all of this to his dedication as our state representative.

He approaches the job with a visible passion. Buckbee does exactly what he says and so much more than most people can even see.

He has shared stories regarding budget struggles, his passion for the bills that protect our seniors and our kids. As a father of two kids myself, I appreciate a rep who is willing to talk to them and discuss his work on a level all can understand.

It didn’t take long to make me a believer and there is no question that a Buckbee is the man for the job. He has proven it time and again in the last two years.

I can’t wait to see what more he can accomplish for our town and our state in the next two.

I believe in Buckbee, and so should you!

Ron Evans

New Milford