Buckbee: 'Kimberly-Clark serves as a great ambassador'

State Representative Bill Buckbee (R-67th) recently visited the Kimberly-Clark mill in New Milford to learn more about how the state legislature can support the manufacturing industry within the local community.

“Manufacturing represents a great opportunity here in Connecticut,” Buckbee said. “ I want to thank Gary Wright, the mill manager, and Bruce Parker, financial manager, for showing me around the facility.”

Buckbee praised the local business.

“Kimberly-Clark serves as a great ambassador for the industry by working with students enrolled in various educational institutions, such as New Milford High School, Abbott Tech, Naugatuck Valley Community College, and Western Connecticut State University,” he said.

“Programs incentivizing students to get involved and explore what the manufacturing industry has to offer will ultimately translate to improving the economy, through job creation and stability,” Buckbee said.

Kimberly-Clark employs 350 people at the facility in New Milford.

The facility dates back to 1958 and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week transforming wood fiber to tissue paper. Consequently, on average, 200 metric tons of tissue is produced each day accounting for 40% of all North American Kleenex.

Globally, nearly one-quarter of the world’s populations uses products manufactured by Kimberly-Clark on a daily basis.

“Kimberly-Clark’s partnership with our community is a great example of why manufacturing should be promoted within Connecticut,” Buckbee said. “For example, products or monetary donations are made by the company to over 50 local organizations annually, including our local schools and social services providers.”

Kimberly-Clark has been recognized for its commitment to the environment.

In 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency named the company it’s SmartWay Excellence Award for the company’s approach in reducing its overall environmental impact.

While touring, Rep. Buckbee met one of his New Milford High School classmates, David Taft, working his floor shift.

“Dave and I go way back,” said Buckbee. “He’s a great example of an individual who grew up within our community, served our country in the military, and continues to contribute on a daily basis through his work with Kimberly-Clark.”

“Dave’s tenure at Kimberly-Clark also speaks to the company’s value it places on its employees,” Buckbee said. “The high retention rate is truly impressive.”

In addition to a robust workforce, Kimberly-Clark partners with several community stakeholders including the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce, the United Way and the American Cancer Society.

“The benefits that Kimberly-Clark has been providing to the community for roughly 60 years are critical,” Buckbee explained. “I sincerely look forward to working more collectively with Kimberly-Clark to expand the local plant and become an even greater part of our town.”