[Editor’s Note: This is an open letter to the residents of New Milford from Billy Buckbee, who was elected as State Representative for the 67th District Nov. 8.]

I am humbled by your support and that you have chosen me to bring our fight to Hartford as your next state representative.

I have received support and encouragement from current state Sen. Clark Chapin and his successor, state Rep. Craig Miner.

Sitting state Rep. Cecelia Buck-Taylor has been encouraging and has offered her door open to me in this transition, which is encouraging and impressive.

Past state Rep. Jeanie Garvey and even the families of former state Reps. Oskar Rogg and Walter Conn have reached out.

I thank all of them so very much.

This is incredibly important to me.

Knowing and respecting the history of our great community from the Nobles, Bostwicks and Roger Sherman to the current day is essential, and I am honored to serve.

Speaking of amazing people, there is a very long list to thank, but I cannot list them all.

From supporters, old friends and new, the Republican Town Committee and the campaign committee, you were all critical.

From this impressive group, though, I do want to single out two incredible people who must be thanked and they are my parents.

I challenge anyone to find two better people on this planet. They truly are the greatest two people I’ve ever known.

They continue to teach what family is and instilled a dedication to community that I am forever thankful for.

During this election I have received support from both sides of the aisle, as well as the endorsement of the Republican and Independent Party.

All of this states one very important message which is to unite as New Milford residents first and foremost.

Our political parties and affiliations should not tear us apart.

We don’t always agree, and shouldn’t, but discussing differences of opinions make us all wiser and stronger.

Compromise has been a key word in my campaign and compromise can only come with rational communication.

Differences of opinion drive open dialogue and make this such a great country.

One more big lesson came from this campaign.

In an era of negativity and mudslinging, we offered up a campaign of integrity.

I made a vow not to speak poorly of another candidate running for the same office. It was never about another candidate but what I could do if elected, and it was about removing the stigma of “nasty politics.”

I certainly had some zealous supporters, but from our campaign itself, we were clean, unspotted by the dirty world of mudslinging.

I hope this trend can continue by others in future elections, and showing that we won with that philosophy is truly encouraging.

People don’t want dirt, they want facts, questions answered and a stand. Message received.

What’s most important now is to continue to increase this open dialogue and communication between the citizens of our community and our elected officials at all levels.

I will not forget that I work for you. I am our collective voice in Hartford.

I have already begun establishing clear and open dialogue with Town Council members, and Mayor David Gronbach, and expect regular reciprocation.

My door is open.

My job as your state representative is one I take quite seriously and I will strive to prove to you all that your vote was not in vain.

For those who did not vote for me, I will fight to earn your faith.

I thank every single person who provided a kind word, a social media like or share, a handshake or a hug ... and for your vote.

Your vote is one of the most cherished things that you can give and I will carry that with significant weight.

Billy Buckbee

State representative-elect

67th District

New Milford