Buckbee: 'Every vote comes with careful consideration'

All legislation, and I mean every single letter of each proposed bill, is still subject to change at this point in the current Legislative Session.

There are several ways in which legislation changes after it has gone through the first couple of hurdles in the law making process, which are the public hearing and committee processes.

The primary way legislation is changed is by amendment.

Debate is an important part of formulating a policy that will eventually be a state wide law. When a bill is being debated, any member of the chamber can offer an amendment, or language change, to that bill.

When an amendment is introduced the integrity of the underlying bill can, and usually does change. As a result, amendments are also individually debated.

Amendments can be as small as adding a comma, or as large as striking the entire underlying bill language and replacing it with new concepts.

In that light, a bill does not take final form until there is an actual vote on it. The vote is the only point that I am comfortable to determine whether or not I support it.

This is one of the hardest things about my job, but every vote comes with careful consideration. My considerations are always tied back to how the legislation will affect New Milford and what potential benefits the residents in my community will see from it.

If there are pieces of legislation you would like to talk to me about, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can always be reached at Bill.Buckbee@housegop.ct.gov, or by calling 800-842-1423.

Bill Buckbee is the State Representative for the 67th District.