It proved to be just a matter of time.

Mitchell Borenstein was hunting for a locale to house an antiques and decorative accessories consignment shop.

Finally, a Bridge Street storefront, just up the hill from Veterans Memorial Bridge in New Milford, caught his eye.

Having owned a successful auction house, Applebrook Auctions, in town for 17 years, Mr. Borenstein frequently saw items when viewing estates "not suitable for auction but wonderful none the less," he said.

A consignment shop, he thought, with moderate pricing that would be "fun to browse through" would be perfect to showcase such items.

And so, he opened Applebrook At Home at 27 Bridge Street this September.

"I went for a soft opening so I could get a feel for what I wanted to carry," Mr. Borenstein said. "I thought I'd fill the front room, then I kept getting estate calls and it was, `Okay, paint rooms two and three... Okay, paint room four.'"

"I think this fifth, back room will be the `discovery room' where items are piled in and people can dig through and find treasures," he said.

Alicia Chaputa travels from her home in Darien once a week, making a special trip to New Milford to visit Applebrook At Home.

"My boyfriend and I just wandered in one day and there were these two beautiful chairs in the window. I couldn't leave without them," Ms. Chaputa said.

"Things are incredibly well priced and I love the stories that accompany things -- the homes they came from, how Mitchell came across them."

From cut-glass goblets to a goose-shaped soup turrine, the shop holds treasures priced from $40 and up. A bed frame with carved wooden swans at each corner sells for $1,500.

Mexican clay sculptured figures had just arrived and were still being priced last week.

"Applebrook At Home is the physical presence I felt I needed for an Internet business," Mr. Borenstein said. "Over the winter, items in the shop will hopefully be on line and I'll invite other consignment shop owners to join me in listings."

He expects the on line site tom be a destination for people looking for items such as a pair of lamps.

Shoppers will be able to glean a number of lamps, moderately priced, available at a number of shops, he explained.

Applebrook At Home, 27 Bridge St. in New Milford, is open Thursdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 860-210-1140.