BRIDGEWATER — Incumbent First Selectman Curtis Read was re-elected Tuesday, securing his second term by beating challenger Nancy Hawley by more than 100 votes, according to unofficial results.

Read, a Democrat, appears to have won with a clear majority — 475 votes to Hawley’s 373.

“It’s been proven in Bridgewater that negative campaigns don’t work, and they ran a negative campaign,” Read said.

Hawley, who will now leave the Board of Selectmen when her current term ends, said she would have liked to lead the town, but promised to stay involved in community affairs. She said she would now focus on fundraising efforts for area schools and organizations such as the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury.

“I’ve got a lot of great energy to put toward a lot of great causes,” she said.

Read’s running mate, Alan Brown, and Hawley’s running mate, Laszlo Pinter, garnered more votes than Hawley herself Tuesday night.

The race for the first selectman seat was hotly contested and pitted the two candidates against one another for the second time.

Read has said this term, ending in 2021, will be his last. But on Tuesday evening he compared his first term to high school, his second to college and after the term is up, “we’ll see about grad school.”