Harrybrooke Park and Harden House Museum in New Milford has announced a new memorial brick walkway in the gated garden.

Individuals can purchase a brick, which will help fund the continued maintenance of the park and museum.

“Harrybrooke Park holds a very special place in the hearts of all New Milfordites and beyond,” said Park Executive Director Billy Buckbee.

“This will allow people to remember their special day, the memory of a loved one or as a gift for a family member,” he said.

Buckbee said the walkway of the garden “is in need of work and with weddings now hosted here, we’d like to widen it for the brides to walk side-by-side down the aisle on the stone with their fathers.

“This allows for a project to be a bit more personal and memorable for each and every wedding that we host,” he said.

The walkway allows “people to remember a relative, friend, veteran, a new baby or even their pet,” Buckbee said.

Bricks can be purchased for $50 at http://www.fundraisingbrick.com/harrybrooke or by calling 860-799-6520 to request an order form be mailed.

The new walkway is slated to begin construction in spring 2017, but the park is hoping for sales through the fall and winter to ensure funding of this project as well.