A student from Sarah Noble Intermediate School in New Milford was recently recognized in Book's Young Reviewers Circle.

Timothy Engstrom was recognized for his participation in the reviewers' circle and a book, "The Sword of Darrow", has been awarded to his school library in his honor.

The BenBella Books Young Reviewers Circle is a first of its kind, a program that allows students aged 7 to 14 to review an unpublished book.

Students who are chosen to read and review an advance copy of the book receive a published edition signed by both authors and have their names listed as reviewers in the back of the book.

If the student were to make a book report in class, BenBella would donate a copy of "The Sword of Darrow" to the school library.

"The Sword of Darrow" is a young adult fantasy novel written by the father and son team of Hal and Alex Malchow. At the time they began writing, Alex was only 8, had undiagnosed learning disabilities and could not read at all.

To celebrate the triumph, the authors will donate all of their royalties to the International Dyslexia Association.

"The input of these young reviewers was a key part in making our book the success it has become," said Hal Malchow, the father portion of the writing team.

"Reviewers like Timothy Engstrom provided a lot of smart suggestions that resulted in major changes that made our book much better," he said. "We were really lucky and proud to have him as part of our reviewing team."