Friday, May 13

Keith Jewell (53).

Saturday, May 14

Dr. Lawrence Stillman (73), Bill Beebe Sr., Faith Stewart-Gordon.

Sunday, May 15

Mollie Leonard (3), Brittany Comstock, Melissa Ford, Patricia Shea, Grace Sernotti, Alan and Crystal Will (anniversary).

Monday, May 16

John Anderson (42), William F. Trout, Barbara Gagliano (in memory), Ray and Sarah Herring (36th anniversary), Michael and Jessica McLoughlin (2nd anniversary).

Tuesday, May 17

Jonathan Sullivan, Bob Pearson (66), Bill and Anita Hannan (anniversary), Roger and Cheryl Hill (11th anniversary).

Wednesday, May 18

John Irwin (58), Jason Kitchens (29), Robert Hall, Tammy Zinnick, Rick Larson, Mark and Tammie Maynard (anniversary).

ThurSday, May 19

Christine Habjan (14), Gabrielle Laukericz (19), Lyn Miller, Paul and Maryjane Cuminale (anniversary), David and Wendy Lautenschlager (18th anniversary).

Friday, May 20

Mary Lou Stuart, Murphy Pryor, George Buckbee Jr., Michael and Barbara Cyr (16th anniversary), Dave and Jen Dorne (5th anniversary).

The Birthdays & anniversaries calendar is compiled from Spectrum records, from reader requests and from the Good Shepherd/Palm Rebekah Lodge Community Birthday Calendar. If you would like your birthday or anniversary published in The Spectrum, please mail or deliver the information to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, 45B Main St., New Milford CT 06776, or fax it to 860-350-6794, or e-mail it to Or to make a change to a listing due to a death or divorce, contact Ms. Rose.