Ernest B. Ventres Jr., Nicholas John Coloneri, Phyllis Oria (75), Bruce Kraft (10), Brandon Peet (19), Aubree Waldron (1), Anthony Morrissey Sr., Salvatore and Beverly Casey (anniversary).

Dottie Dalton, Carl W. Johnson, Doris Coll, Red Johnson (in memory), Jim and Ruth Covillard (28th anniversary).

Linda Gillette, Janice Szigeti (74), Bing Ventres Jr.

Douglas Brown, , Chelsea Marie Davis (11), Mike Regan (in memory).

Laraine Ravenscroft, Warren Smith.

Dane Schneemann (30), Megan McBreairty (37), Shannon Tunick (35), Shelly Weed, Brad Dutcher, Frank Celia Jr. (in memory).

Christine Titus, Andrew Roraback (58), Alicia Farrell, Dan Adams (57), Andrea Rynn, Greg W. Peet (52).

Cindy Cass, Audrey McKay (64), Tyler Forschner, Asia Ray Yantorno (18), Kyle Ridgeway (19), Irene Hopkins (57).

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