Birthdays & anniversaries

Annabelle Margaret Kuck, Marc Robinson, Alan Will, Nicholas Coloneri, Salvatore and Beverly Casey (anniversary), Linda and Fred Hemm (18th anniversary).

Cole Owens, Jennifer Falencki (35), Sean Erin Bradley (55), Kellen Ness (20), William J. Mang (89), Jenna Santorelli.

Felicia Marie Mendez, Gerard Koch (56), Richard Lee, John Usuriello (101), Carol Hacker, Ellen Lyon.

Choppy Pippa (61), Evan Titus, Tammy Maynard, Tom Adams (62).

Cliff Jones, Lois Dey, Trip Rothschild (66).

Jennifer Titus, Frank Brancaccio, Ellie Smith, Mary Rouse, Bruce Kraft, Alma Edmonds (97), Kenneth Darrah (in memory).

Elizabeth Dunn (53), Dave Ferris, Brenda Wilkes, Ben Lawson (23), Curtis Makowicki (20), Donald M. Knowles (in memory), Mary Farrell (in memory), Bill Webster Sr. (in memory).

Ernest B. Ventres Jr., Nicholas John Coloneri, Phyllis Oria (75), Bruce Kraft (10), Brandon Peet (19), Aubree Waldron (1), Anthony Morrissey Sr., Salvatore and Beverly Casey (anniversary).

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