Birthdays & anniversaries

Mary Ann Carson, George Buckbee (79), Debbie Kayser, Kevin Shields, Carla L. Owens, Shari Gleissner, Dick Krosky, Robert Hottes, Darren Dutcher, Lawrence Simasek (in memory), Marty Altschuler (in memory), Bill and Catherine Bachrach (49th anniversary).

Damien Edel (16), Steve Lewis (56), Hallie Janaula Durr (11), Lowell Hendrix, Carl G. Titus (in memory).

Chris Webster, Larry LeSage (71), John Roller (53), Mary Fox (in memory).

McKayla Ford, Art Cummings (71), Brenda Grover (61), Sandy Petersen (61), Al Arnell (63).

Linda Peart, Ray Ferris (63), Kevin Johnson (49), Owen Haldin (13), Emmie Tesoriero (16).

Wendy Beebe, Mary Prause, Julie Therrien Adams (39), Albert Miller (in memory).

Lynda Wellman, Zachary Cyr (18), Hy Ruwet (73), Sarah Pomerantz (31), Debbie Thurlow, Charles and Thelma Aldrich (anniversary).

Lenny Lavalette, Kimberly M. Gerber, William E. Kovacs, Lynn Lillis, Everett Anderson (in memory).

If you would like your birthday or anniversary published in The Spectrum, please mail or deliver the information to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, 45B Main St., New Milford CT 06776, or fax it to 860-350-6794, or email it to Or to make a change to a listing due to a death or divorce, contact Deborah Rose.