Rachel M. Lawlor, Ethel Krenkel, Bruce Rossiter (59), Hope Meredith Davis (7).

Rich Cass, Holly Brown, Carol Buckbee, Alan Will Jr., Scott Will, Kip Pennywell (62), Hunter Price (5).

Brian C. Waldron (19), Nancy Sullivan, Aubrey Comstock, Thomas Jandro.

John Covino.

Scott Roberts.

Nathan Douskey (16), Jim Galbraith Jr. (45), Crystal Will, Krista L. Stowell, Carissa I. Titus, Jay Penniston, Mabry R. Johnson, Laurie Albano, Donna Christopher, Ernest B. Ventres Sr. (in memory).

Mary Jane Lundgren, Travis Jordan (28), Christopher Munson, Carol Tremont, Burt Munson Sr. (in memory), Barney and Angie Drollette (anniversary), Bill and Elaine Anderson (anniversary), Dana Campbell Escribano and Gilberto Escribano (second anniversary).

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