Birthdays & anniversaries

Nathan Strout, Aliesa Smalls, Mary McCafferty.

Sue Cleary, Dave Showalter (61), Jimmy McKay (67).

Robert Bachetti (59), Tom Pilla, Mary McDougall, Jenna Covillard (14), Joe Owens, Megan Brancaccio, Rose Joy Hottes, Elaine Anderson (78), Ellen Irene Owens (in memory), Harry V. Dowler (in memory), Warren and Bonnie Smith (anniversary), Jordon and Donna Jandro (anniversary).

Tai-Chen Bassin, the Rev. Susan Latourette, Patricia Caldwell Pitkin, Amanda Larson, Stan Racis, Dorothy Elwood (in memory), George and Melissa Ford (anniversary).

Peggy Ford, Mandy Weiner, Bill Wellman (in memory), Jennifer Wellman, Darin Crocker, Susan and Brian Titus (anniversary).

Tami Edmond.

Yi Su Khim, Robert Smead II, Robbie Didato, Frank and Lois Benham (anniversary).

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