Birthdays & anniversaries

Leila Stepankiw, Brian Baur, John and Molly Kuck (anniversary), Rich and Katy LaChance (anniversary), Erik and Megan Dey (anniversary).

Gertrude Erikren, Saundra Smyrski, Ellen Therrien, Zeb Lundberg (9), Charlie and Leslie Warren (17th anniversary).

Richard Hottes (in memory).

Chelsey Zimmerman (26), Trent Bryant, Trina Hottes, Ted Layton (in memory), Darrell Pelletier (in memory), Jessica and JD LaChance (6th anniversary).

Paddy O’Looney (70), Trish Haldin, (47), M. Layton Dudding, Teegan Baur, Roland Schultz, Betty Deforest (in memory).

Zachary Sullivan, Zorro Phanh, Will and Lara Ward (anniversary), Mike and Kim Gabriel (anniversary).

Mary Ellen Buckbee, Tyla Jones, Chance Dutcher, Stark and Lisa Weiner (anniversary).

Dylan McCord (21), Stephanie Chamberlin (26), Charles Brown (in memory), Lee and Jenelle Titus (anniversary).

The Birthdays & anniversaries calendar is compiled from Spectrum records, from reader requests and from the Good Shepherd/Palm Rebekah Lodge Community Birthday Calendar. If you would like your birthday or anniversary published in The Spectrum, please mail or deliver the information to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, 45B Main St., New Milford CT 06776, or fax it to 860-350-6794, or e-mail it to Or to make a change to a listing due to a death or divorce, contact Rose.