Carley Smith , Kyle Beebe (15), Jay Umbarger (67), Thomas Mason (9), Jordan Sprogis, Suzanne LaVoie (63).

Jaime Walsh.

Chad E. Titus, Angela D’Aquila (in memory), Harold Titus (in memory), Richard Andrews (in memory), Trip and Kathy Walsh (13th anniversary).

Shawn Lisee (15), Anthony Boucher (16), Bill Duryea (54), Morgan Colp (13), Arlie Owens (in memory), Diane Kuck (in memory).

Brenda Huff (52), Jay Lewin (64), Esther Pitcher (in memory), Ken and Josie Hipp (47th anniversary), Pete and Stel Koval (47th anniversary).

Roger Hill Jr. (53), Steve Pryor.

George McLaughlin (70), Dorothy Coyle (54), Alyssa Buckbee, Emma Zarabet, (19), John and Dorothy McCafferty (21st anniversary), Rob and Kim Hottes (anniversary), Diane and Paul Hume (32nd anniversary).

Sarah Irwin (24), Dawn Smith, Linwood Gee (78), Kyle Anderson (18), Martin Bohdan (62), Joseph and Pamela DeTuzzi (anniversary).

The Birthdays & anniversaries calendar is compiled from Spectrum records, reader requests and the Good Shepherd/Palm Rebekah Lodge Community Birthday Calendar. If you would like your birthday or anniversary published, mail or deliver the information to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, 45B Main St., New Milford CT 06776, or fax it to 860-350-6794, or email