To the Spectrum:

The Spectrum has become sort of an iconic fixture in the town of Bridgewater.

If the paper isn't in the driveway by Friday morning, there is definitely something terribly wrong in the world.

We have become dependent on its faithful appearance each week, bringing us all of the local news we care to know about.

From breaking news to public interest stories to local happenings to pictures of our children and sports events, there is always something for everyone to read in every issue.

The reporters at The Spectrum take care to find out what's happening in Bridgewater, good or bad, and report it fairly.

If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, there are always some good suggestions to be found inside.

Small towns like Bridgewater are very fortunate to have a newspaper like The Spectrum to rely on.

Bill Stuart

First selectman

Town of Bridgewater