To the Editor:

I just wanted to comment on a previous letter submitted by Amy Ziffer of Sherman to let her know she is not alone in her frustrations.

I live on Fordyce Road, off the new and improved Grove Street in New Milford, "the award-winning Grove Street" that was finally completed at the end of 2011.

This was a project that took years of planning and millions of taxpayer dollars. Whether it is local tax contributions or federal tax money, it's all our taxpayer money.

Now, a few short months after completion of the roads surface and drainage, there are some clearly visible issues.

The portion from Old Grove Street to Bridge Street, where the sidewalks for some reason now crisscross pedestrians back and forth across the road, seems to be holding up.

From Fordyce Road south, however, the majority of the catch basins have already broken away from the surface, and the new, very uneven surface has horizontal cracks approximately every 40 feet.

This is very similar to the current road conditions on the recently repaved Candlewood Mountain Road that leads to Bullymuck Road.

On Grove Street, the water ponds at each end of Hine Hill where it seems the road has experienced some substantial heaving, dramatically changing the grade in the road.

Further south, water still comes over the curb near the bend at Lover's Leap, even after an afterthought drain was installed earlier this winter.

On Fordyce Road, a road that has seen its share of drainage issues, the entire road surface is in complete disrepair.

However, it appears nowhere on the town's list of roads to be improved in the next five years.

Now that it is the turnoff of choice for many motorists connecting to Route 67, as the traffic on Friday afternoons especially backs all the way from the light at Bridge Street to the base of the road.

It you do drive up Fordyce from Grove in any vehicle larger than a car, the tree line smacks off your windshield and roof.

The town's runoff water from the road has eroded the apron of my driveway. My family has sent numerous emails to Public Works asking to address this safety issue, with absolutely no action or response from them.

As I said earlier, I believe Amy is not alone in her frustrations at the performance of some of the town's agencies. I'm just not sure if it's frustration with what they do, or with what they don't do.

Hopefully, the recent salary increase provided to them through the town's approved budget will inspire all to do a little better for their employers -- the taxpayers of New Milford.

Stephen Looney

New Milford