To the Editor:

We should be determined to call out for peace and realize a world without war for future generations.

I believe the path to peace is fostered through education; history provides plenty of lessons in the anguish, terror and suffering war brings.

Using the analogy of an oncologist who treats cancer, I propose the concept of a race oncologist to treat racism and to battle against today's anti-intellectual culture.

I believe the following actions could help to establish peace and embrace a modern and compassionate progressiveness:

Education: Pay attention to scholarship, not pundits. Study history to better understand our contemporary culture.

Literacy: Be willing to view the past with an honest and open understanding.

Philanthropy: Invest in organizations working to transform society, i.e., the United Nations and the Culture of Peace Resources Center in New York City.

The path to peace is fostered through education.

Fran Smith

New Milford