To the Editor:

My husband and I were working in our backyard this summer when a professionally dressed man walked from the front yard and introduced himself as Andy Grossman, running for state representative for New Milford.

He wanted to talk about the town and how it relates to our state's government.

I am relatively new to the area, but my husband has been a small business owner here for more than 40 years.

Being new, I had a lot of questions and concerns and he showed a genuine interest. He stayed talking to us for some time.

I was very impressed with his passion for our town, its people and its future while still trying to preserve the quality of life that my husband described.

Andy knows what tough economic times we are facing and he will work tirelessly to represent us at the state level.

So much attention is given to the state/federal campaigns and there are rarely opportunities to meet our local representation except for fairs and such; Andy stopped by my backyard.

I liked that.

New Milford needs good representation at the state level to ensure we get our fair share of funding to repair our roads and bridges and to protect our environment.

I believe Andrew Grossman would be an excellent state representative for New Milford in the state General Assembly.

Jackie Marois

New Milford