Bass is a 'person of the highest integrity'

To the Editor:

It is my honor and privilege to support Pete Bass for mayor of New Milford.

I have known Pete Bass for close to 18 years. Pete has contributed countless volunteer hours to support our community through his involvement on Town Council, the Sewer Commission and the Economic Commission.

Whether in politics or his private life, Pete has been a warm and caring person. Anytime someone talks to him about a problem or issue they have, he gives them his undivided attention.

Under Pete’s leadership, civility will once again be restored to our town. When Pete speaks about issues, it is always from his heart for the concerns of the people of our town.

I have never known Pete to have a personal agenda; his goal has always been what is right for the people.

Pete Bass is an outstanding public servant. I have observed his dedication and love for New Milford and as he seeks what is best for our town.

He is a person of the highest integrity and you can depend on his word. He always acts caring and thoughtful — traits that are useful during Town Council deliberations.

To that I need to say that his kindness and caring does not make him a wimp. He has a commitment to public safety and economic development within our city and keeping town spending low without jeopardizing needed programs.

I believe Pete has an excellent background to contribute in serving as mayor to New Milford. His leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in working with other town officials and committees in applying decision-making for New Milford.

Let’s pull New Milford together.

Theresa Volinski

New Milford