To the Editor:

My wife is from South Kent and, for some 20 years, we would come back to visit friends and relatives, usually in the fall of the year.

Two years ago, we moved from Arizona to Connecticut, a return for her and a major move for me.

In two years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons, something that didn't happen in Arizona.

Summer has been pleasant, with temperatures 20 degrees cooler than we were used to. Fall of the year is colorful and driving a few miles to the north you can see the transition in progress as God exercises his palette of colors.

Winter is beautiful, with the blanket of white and the crystallization of the snow as it is warmed by the sun and then re-freezes. Spring is exciting, as each day is different with something new in bud or bloom, sharing fragrances with all.

Visiting, we often hear the common phrase, "You should have been here last week."

As a pastor, I want to ask, "Where will you be next week?"

Your final destination is up to you.

Dan Morton

The Oratory

of the Little Way