To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Dr. Braverman's letter of April 19.

Thank you for complimenting our delicious hamburgers. As for their nutritional content, I am sure most people are aware that grass-fed ground beef has less fat, and it is available at our restaurant.

One-quarter pound of grass-fed beef on a white bun is approximately 320 calories, while Mamie's six-ounce Chicken la Maison, with a cup of rice or noodles, is approximately 391 calories. No cheese is involved in either meal.

We also offer organically grown garden salads. Some customers pick their own veggies for us to prepare, or we will pick fresh and prepare your salad, kabob or sandwich for you. While a good amount of the food we offer may not be what a nutritionist would recommend, I think most people who are dining out are treating themselves to something yummy to eat, and may not be concerned with their diet at that time.

And, as most people agree, everything in moderation.

As stated in last week's paper, we are set back from the road, while Mamie's is closer to Baker Road (Route 67).

I have to concur with the decision of zoning. It would be devastating if a truck or car were to lose control and veered off the road into Mamie's lawn, as there is nothing there to block a vehicle.

I can also appreciate the neighbor's concern for privacy. While there are consequences for purchasing a home on a busy road, much of that is noise annoyance.

It's another thing to have people across the road gazing into your home while waiting for their meal to be served.

As for the statement that Mamie's has operated for five years without conflict, I have to disagree.

In 2009, I approached the Roxbury Zoning Commission to create my hamburger stand. Mamie sought to involve anyone she could to stop me. She petitioned, hired an attorney, etc.

During this process, it was discovered she was not zoned for a restaurant. At this time, I was promised she would do the necessary tasks to become legally zoned to be a restaurant, which deviated from her original proposal of a wholesale bakery, which she opened in 2006.

Honestly, I feel zoning and the town have been very patient.

I don't want to see Mamie's shut down. As a business owner, I know business helps business. People like choices. It was our town's choice to have a zoning commission for very good reasons.

I feel Mamie should abide by zoning, health department and other rules, the same as the rest of us. She should amend her proposal, get inspected, pay any fees due and proceed with her business diligently, honestly, and with respect to her neighbors. At that point, I think everyone could move on and put this saga behind us.

Michelle Stuart

Kailey's Burger Station