FRIDAY, April 20

Rebecca Roache (31), Sheree McCarthy, Christine Jordan.

SUNDAY, April 22

Jonluc Dumas (11), Teddy Augeri (18), Jordan Butler (19), Bert LaVoie (in memory).

MONDAY, April 23

Ben Weed (14), Rich Layton, Michael Murphy (65), Jeff Burcaw (70), Devin Sara, Priscilla Lyon (in memory), Ricky and Stella Onorato (anniversary in memory).

TUESEDAY, April 24

Kim LaRosa, Gary Scribner (61), Matt Adams (48), Rita and Frank Molella (63rd anniversary).


Willow Michaud, Danielle Rosato (47), Lynn Mellis Worthington, Jacob Leger (10), David Mercier (12), Merrill Golden (in memory), John and Karin Irwin (25th anniversary).

THURSDAY, April 26

Clark Smith, Sarah Melycher, Danette Robinson, Lisa Diamond (53), Franco Leto (62).

FRIDAY, April 27

Sean Irwin (17), William Shields, Sam Hopkins (22), Skylar Williams.

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