FRIDAY, Jan. 27

Hannah Marie Smith, Jean Chapin, Deborah Yantorno, Ricky Onorato (in memory).


Eugene Driscoll, Ken and Khim DeForest (anniversary).

SUNDAY, Jan. 29

Sherry Stemper, Krissy Lindo, Elizabeth Glidden, Colleen Oliveira (32).

MONDAY, Jan. 30

Chris Grenier, Mark Lathrop, Pete Bass (50), Darrell S. Wilbur, Fred Conefry (72), Joan Hoburg, Penelope Morrissey, Emily Oliveira (27), Timo Seppa.

TUESDAY, Jan. 31

Jessica Lundberg (27).


Frank Wargo (69), Charlie and Anne Chapin (anniversary).

THURSday, Feb. 2

Mary Ann Carson, George Buckbee (73), Debbie Kayser, Kevin Shields, Carla L. Owens, Shari Gleissner, Dick Krosky, Robert Hottes, Marty Altschuler (in memory), Bill and Catherine Bachrach (43rd anniversary).

FRIDAY, Feb. 3

Damien Edel (10), Steve Lewis (50), Hallie Janaula Durr (5), Carl G. Titus (in memory).

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