FRIDAY, Sept. 9

Janice Dobson, Jada Rose Smyrski, Lynn Webster, Peggy Halloran, Rick Schultz (in memory), Russ and Elsie Watts (anniversary).

SATURDAY, Sept. 10

Ron Rose, Nicholas Scribner (23), Samantha Lawlor (5), Betsy Lathrop, Jean B. Doctor. Terry Pellegrini (68).

SUNDay, Sept. 11

Rob Rose, Arden Sylvester, Dillon Hartman, Dawn Hyland, Will and Michelle Webster (anniversary), Edward and Barbara Hager (63rd anniversary).

MONDay, Sept. 12

Ronald Pecor Jr. (11), Tyler James Barrett (11), Wilma Yoder (in memory), Clark and Debbie Smith (anniversary), Sue and Charlie Stauffacher (anniversary).

TUESDay Sept. 13

Jacquie McCloskey, Roger Szendy (58), Tim Broderick, Cole Rossiter (19), Darrell and Kathy Wilbur (anniversary).

WEDNESDay, Sept. 14

Arlene Brancaccio, Jeffrey and Christine Titus (anniversary).

THURSday, Sept. 15

Jeannie Yarochowicz, Jane Sabia, Laurie Yantorno, Keith Mann, Emma-Jolee Fischetti (10).

FRIDay, Sept. 16

Christine Cuminale, Anne C Wyant (in memory), Carl and Michelle Johnson (anniversary), Ron and Pat Lathrope (anniversary), Lucius "Bama" and Minnie Mann (59th anniversary).

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