friday, June 3

Jordan Beebe (7), Bryce Lewis (6), Edie Poletto.

Saturday, June 4

Rich LaChance, Quinn McLaughlin (9), Brian Riley (54), Barron Stark (51).

Sunday, June 5

Patti Munson (49), Bruce E. Titus.

MONDAY, June 6

Billy and Katie Levay (25), Bob Ferrarotti (65), Barbara Brickley, Tia Makowicki (9), Mary Hinz (50).

TUESDAy, June 7

Taylor LaRosa (21), J. Tracey Worden, Rubin Harris, Al Couch (in memory), Joe and Beth Cuminale (anniversary).


Brendan Keskula (3), Dorothy Anderson, Coreen Caceres, Ryan and Tara Gee (9th anniversary).

THURSDay, June 9

Benjamin Augeri (in memory).

FRIDAy, June 10

Terry Tierney (67), Alysia Ryan (18), James Mownn (20). (anniversary).

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