The draft copy of the 2010 Plan of Conservation and Development for the town of New Milford is considered an "awesome document."

So believes Town Council member Walter Bayer.

"I like that it cites the library as one of the anchors in the town," Mr. Bayer said Monday. "I have always been a proponent for the library's expansion."

"I like its support of a (Housatonic River) greenway," he added. "I think the committee was on target when it talked about the importance of the `gateway to the downtown.' "

Mr. Bayer's comments came as the Town Council approved the POCD draft Monday night.

The next step will be a public hearing scheduled Thursday, July 1 at 6:45 p.m. at Town Hall.

Planning Commission chairman Peter Eng finds the draft to be "a document everybody should support."

He lauded the update committee for reaching out to municipal agencies and addressing "economic development, transportation, (and) growth."

Mr. Eng remarked the document "addresses our needs as a community looking into the future."

The plan cites anticipated population increases over the next 10 years, yet finds the school system to have adequate capacity to carry the student population through 2017.

It talks about maintaining "village nodes" like Gaylordsville and Northville.

The draft plan recommends updating zoning with incorporated "planned residential developments" and "adult communities."

Working farms should be preserved, the plan states, yet business development should be encouraged.

Developing an east-west connector in the Boardman district is supported in the document along with alleviating downtown traffic congestion by instituting a through-truck ban on certain roads.

Copies of the draft 2010 POCD are available for review in the library, in Town Hall at the town clerk's and Planning Commission offices, or by visiting the website