To the Editor:

A committee was formed in the middle of 2012 concerning a new senior center building, since we in Washington share the building with the American Legion.

The atmosphere is dreary and not conducive for activities.

The committee visited the surrounding towns of Roxbury, Bridgewater and Morris senior centers to see what they had to offer their seniors.

Then in November, a questionnaire was mailed to 2,600 residents of Washington and the response we received was only from 1,100 residents.

In my opinion, this was a very poor showing. We are a wealthy town and have nothing to show for it.

I agree we have to keep down our taxes, but this would not increase them.

After finding a town-owned piece of land, we could apply for grants from the state. We could have fundraisers.

The problem here is a large majority of seniors in Washington are well-heeled and are not interested in the rest of the town residents.

People feel by having a new senior center, monies would be taken away from other charities. But many seniors have dedicated their lives to this town and deserve it.

Why should all the other surrounding towns have beautiful, functional seniors and not Washington?

Fran DeSimone

Washington Depot