To the Editor:

Most contracts include the phrase, "time is of the essence." In reality, it is what can be accomplished in that time that becomes the "essence."

In my library is the book "Timeline of History." In chronological order it lists events over the past 2,000-plus years by category -- arts, drama, religion, science, medicine, politics, geography, etc. It is amazing to thumb through it and see what has happened even during my lifetime.

Dr. A. E. Douglass, an astronomer, developed the science of dendrochronology -- tree-ring dating.

At the University of Arizona, there is a large slab several feet across that shows very definite rings and some have been identified with labels -- "Columbus lands," "Pilgrims arrive," "Revolutionary War begins," and other significant events.

When you place your time on earth on such a timeline, it seems insignificant, except to you.

The challenge becomes a simple one: What can I do today that will make a difference to someone?

It may be as easy as saying "Thank you" to someone who has brightened a moment for you.

When you come to the end of the day, you can add up those moments and realize it was indeed a good day for you and for someone whose day you brightened.

Dan Morton

The Oratory of

the Little Way