To the Editor:

National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2014 is Friday, Sept. 19.

For 35 years, a day of recognition has been set aside to remember our unrecovered prisoners of war, those still missing in action and their families.

Yet families with loved ones who served in World War II, Korea and in Southeast Asia still wait for the return of their loved ones.

POW/MIA CT Forget-Me-Nots believes the repatriation of unrecovered prisoners of war must be the priority of government officials.

The ability to survive decades after the cessation of hostilities has been proven with the return of WWII prisoners in the 1950s, the late 1990s and the early 2000s.

The escape of South Korean prisoners held by North Korea has continued through 2012.

An international no-fault policy is the best means to achieve the return of prisoners of war to their homeland for them to experience the freedom they were willing to defend and protect for others.

As our country recognizes the sacrifices of our prisoners of war and those still missing in action during National POW/MIA Recognition Day on Friday, please pause and reflect upon our nation's greatest tragedy.

Our nation must honor its commitment to our military personnel.

As former a POW, Capt. Red McDaniel, the most brutally tortured man to survive the Hanoi prison system, once said, "We were prepared to be captured, tortured and killed. But we were never prepared to be abandoned."

Kathy Shemeley